A collection of independent and individual modern cafés, with handsome bars, serving neighbourly hospitality and awesome food.

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When we are at work, we prefer to be surrounded by like-minded people who love being hospitable and enjoy their craft as much as the people they work with. We are always on the hunt for new talented people, who share our interest in food, drink and being part of a close team. As a small-ish independent company, we get excited about employing people who offer individuality who show flair and positive personality (practical skill and experience are also great of course).

Why Us
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With three bustling restaurants, we’re clear about what we do and just how important our team are to our success. It’s vital to us that we enjoy the process and grow carefully to maintain consistency and quality. We try to do things properly across the board; we’re not here to take shortcuts.

• All service charge is paid to you: no admin fee or any of that funny business

• Holiday pay rate that includes service charge

• Enjoy an extra day off on your birthday and a bottle of champagne, both on us. This is on top of your 28 days holiday!

• 50% off all food at any of our restaurants

• A personal development plan tailored for you. Though only a small company we invest a lot in training, not the routine stuff but really interesting and useful workshops and briefing sessions

• We will invite you to an induction day where you spend time, talk & have lunch with the owners and directors

• A summer party too. We like to party